The masters professional studio easel is made of solid oak. It features a steel cable and ball bearing windlass that raises and lowers the canvas. The frame-in-frame mast tilts backward and forward, locking into any desired position. Heavy duty locking casters permit easy mobility. It folds flat, and can be used as a wall easel. All adjustable joints are through-bolted. This is a very stable easel, and will hold very large canvases. Shown extension arm, palette holder, and brush tank not included.
Material: Solid Oak
Hardware: 1/4-20 carriage bolts. 3 prong knobs with brass inserts made of ABS Thermoplastic material Heavy duty caster with brake.

Tung Oil

Base Size:
36" x 31"
Shipping Weight: 60 lbs.
Max Surface: 60" x 96"
Max Height: 12'
Custom Additions: Yes

Stainless Steel Cable Drive $600
Rack and Pinion Gear drive $720