Dear Fellow Artisan:

Some time ago you purchased an easel from me, and I might have mentioned that I was going to be able to supply Artist picture frames, custom made to fit the artist work. I would be able to supply the frames in small quantities 1 or more. I am now able to do this.

Most of my frames are priced at .29 cents an inch or less. The more exotic frames made out of exotic wood, costs a little more.

Measure your finished art work, panel or canvas. 2x the length + width, add 8 x the width of the molding profile. This will give you total inches of the frame. Multiply the total inches by the price per inch. This is the cost of your frame see example

( 2 x L + 2 x W + 8 x the molding profile )

We can supply glass to fit the frame. For water color painters and any one else who needs glass in there frames. We can also mount your work on a matting that you specify and ship the work back to you ready to sell. You would have to send us the work to mounted along with the order for the frame.

If you are interested, check out the profiles page on our site and place an order for one or more frames. You can choose black or gold. You can do this by selecting the color you want on the order form or by calling me at 863-696-4187 have your credit card ready for phone orders. If you do not like what I send you. Just return the frames and I will refund your money plus freight one way.


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