As per my phone conversation this mourning, please accept my most profound thanks for an easel which will undoubtedly transform both my art" work" and my art "space". It has transformed my workspace because of its beauty, stability, and function. Even my son Jonathan, a professional cabinetmaker, was impressed. He said it was the finest hardwood easel he had ever seen-at any price.

I believe your easel will now transform my art "work". as well by permitting me to mount the canvas firmly without the possibility of unwanted movement (which my other easel was fond of doing). in addition, the' paint box ' is so convenient and provides me with all the space I require.

Most certainly, your easel is so attractive as it is functional. I will keep it on display in my student waiting area---this is not just a utilitarian furniture---it is a work of art itself!!

thank you again! Dr. Ken Mahood

Joe I was a little shocked on saturday when-for the first time- I went comparative shopping for an easel. At first blush anyway, there were a couple models that cost less, sometimes much less then the RT 100 that I purchased from the Easel Shop.

But looking closer, I realized there was no comparison. The Easel Shop's quality, dazing and materials were far and away better than anything I could find in art stores.

I hope this doesn't sound too much like a commercial, but I love the easel I bought from you, and I'm sure the person I'm going to give it to on Christmas will enjoy it for many years to come.Thanks much, Kris Mamula --Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Joe, After using my Gigantic Easel for the last couple of days, I must tell you that it is terrific. It's amazing that you were able to include all of the features that I asked for. I love it! And even more importantly. I think it will really help to relieve the back pain I've been experiencing for the last couple of years. Thanks again. All of the people in my building are very impressed with it, too! Amy Ellingson--San Francisco, CA

Dear Joe

Just a brief note to let you know how much I am enjoying my new pochade
box. It is a great piece of craftsmanship, carefully thought out and
flawlessly executed. It is a pleasure to use and helps me do my best work.

You are a master!!!

All the best,


Paul Jay Edelson, Poquott, NY