Custom attachments for your easel turn it into a true all-encompassing workstation. Most attachments work with most easel styles; Submit a work order to verify.

Brush Tank Holder
BT100 $33

Paper Towel Holder
PTH100 $66

Palette Holder (oils)
PHA100 $47

Work Surface (24x24)
WS100 $25

Pastel Board Clamp
PSTL100 $39

Palette Holder (wc)
PHA101 $51

Utility Tray
MT100 $41

Adaptable Dolly
AD24 $59

K-Bar Stabilizer
KB100 $18

Paint Box
PB100 16x7       $41  
PB101 25x10     $61

Leg Clamp
LC100 $18